How to make a complaint

Every day you go to, and talk to, organisations, like your school, sports club, or arts group. Sometimes, something might happen at the organisation that makes you feel unhappy or you may feel uncomfortable or unsafe. When this happens you have the right to speak up and tell someone your problem.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People and the team that supports her always aim to be professional, quick to respond and respectful of everyone. Do you think we have we got something wrong? We encourage feedback, including from children and young people, if people are not happy with our actions, decisions, or services.

You can view or download our Complaints Management Protocol flyer for ways to make a complaint about the Commissioner for Children and Young People.

Complaints Management Protocol

Check the website of the organisation

Most organisations have complaint forms on their websites to help you make a complaint. To find a form on a website look for the words feedback, comments or contact us.

Ombudsman Tasmania

The Ombudsman provides advice and information to help people make complaints about Tasmanian Government organisations and to understand what happens after a complaint is made.

Ombudsman Website
Equal Opportunity Tasmania

EOT works to stop discrimination in Tasmania and helps people make complaints about discrimination (including discrimination based on your gender but also on other things like your race or religion).

Phone: 1300 305 062

Text: 0409 401 083


Equal Opportunity Website
eSafety Commissioner

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner protects Australian children when they experience cyberbullying by administering a complaints scheme. It also deals with complaints about banned online content.

eSafety Website
Schools and Child and Family Learning Centres

Make a complaint about a service, decision or action of Tasmanian Government Schools or Child and Family Learning Centres.

Decyp Website
Child Safety and Youth Justice Services

Make a complaint, comment, or seek a review of a decision made by Child Safety and Youth Justice Services.

Decyp Website
Health Complaints Commissioner Tasmania

You can contact the Health Complaints Commissioner if you have a complaint about your health service provider in Tasmania.

Health Complaints Website
Department of Health – How to speak up

If you feel unsafe or if you are unhappy with how you have been treated by the Department of Health, please let them know. It is always ok to speak up if you are not happy.

Department of Health Website
Other help

Kids Helpline: 1800 55 1800 or

Headspace and eheadspace:


The CCYP office can also give you advice about who can help you. We can’t get involved in individual complaints about other organisations but we will try to find someone who can help you. If you’d like help finding out how to make a complaint, please phone us on (03) 6166 1366 or email

We will always keep the information you share with us private, unless we need to share information to keep you or other people safe.

Speak up

You have the right to speak up and be listened to. The Speak up poster and Speak up leaflet, from the National Office for Child Safety, explain how you can tell someone about your problem and what might happen, in three steps:

  1. Find support – ask someone you trust to help you.
  2. Tell your support person about your problem.
  3. Make your complaint – you don’t have to do this by yourself. Your support person can be there to help you.

The how to make a complaint leaflet is available in Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Greek, Italian, Punjabi, Spanish and Vietnamese on the National Office for Child Safety website.