CCYP Ambassadors

Since 2019, CCYP Ambassadors have been advising and assisting Leanne, the Commissioner, to learn about what is important to them and other children and young people in Tasmania.

As a CCYP Ambassador you can talk directly to Leanne about what is important to you. Leanne is your Commissioner, so it’s really important she hears what you have to say. You will have the opportunity to come together to discuss key issues and influence decision-makers.

Children’s rights? The environment? Justice? Jobs? Health services? How important are these topics and what do they mean to young people? What does everyone else need to know?

CCYP Ambassadors regularly meet with Leanne to:
  • share opinions and ideas about what’s important – this helps the Commissioner to be a strong advocate for Tasmanian children and young people
  • learn about and promote the rights that children and young people have under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • participate in the development and running of special projects or events to help advocate for Tasmanian children and young people.
How to become an Ambassador:

Applications to be an Ambassador in 2024 are temporarily delayed while Leanne works through some big changes to the role of Commissioner. 

There are still plenty of ways to have your say about the things that are important to you and other children and young people. Check out the YEP! page to learn how.  

You can also find out more about the program by emailing our team at or by calling (03) 6166 1366. 

  • CCYP Trolley

    A showcase of all the amazing work the Commissioner has done in collaboration with children and young people.

    View here
  • Posters and animations

    CCYP Ambassadors' thoughts on climate change and the environment

    During our state-wide event last year, Ambassadors worked alongside graphic designers to create posters on climate change and the environment.
    View here
  • Animations

    Ambassadors' thoughts on education

    View here
  • Acceptance, Belonging and Feeling Safe

    In 2021-2022, the Commissioner held a number of discussions with CCYP Ambassadors about what acceptance, belonging and feeling safe means to them.

    View here
  • CCYP Ambassadors

    2023 Ambassador Meetings

    CCYP Ambassadors from around the state shared the issues that were important to them and their ideas for how to use and promote the fantastic outputs from their 2022 state-wide event.

    View here
  • Podcast

    Hear My Story

    Children and young people share their views and experiences on acceptance, belonging and feeling safe through the medium of sound.

    Listen here
  • 2022 Ambassador Statewide Event

    Ambassador Slogans

    Just one of the many amazing creations that resulted from our 2022 Ambassador State-wide Event. Co-designed with Simon Spain and Bec Stevens, Ambassadors generated slogans that they painted onto various political party election banners.
    View here
  • Ambassadors

    2022 Ambassador Statewide Event

    A statewide event co-designed by our CCYP Ambassadors, bringing together young people and adult decision-makers through a range of activities and discussions.

    View here
  • T-shirt project

    Ambassador t-shirt

    In 2022, Ambassadors chose to design a CCYP Ambassador Program t-shirt. Based around the Ambassador megaphone logo, Ambassadors contributed drawings representing various child rights. The t-shirt was also made of ethically sourced, produced and compostable cotton.

  • Animated Podcast

    Respectful Relationships

    ‘Respectful Relationships’ is a set of animated podcasts on the importance of respectful relationships and consent education.

    Listen here
  • Haikus on the right to participate

    Listen here! Haikus

    Ambassadors enjoy having a range of different ways to express their views! In 2022, they used the traditional Japanese poem format, the ‘haiku’, to talk about the right for children and young people to participate in decisions affecting their lives.

    View here
  • 2020 Ambassador zine

    Future Tasmania

    Our CCYP Ambassadors worked together to create an online digital magazine (or zine) examining issues they wanted decision makers to deal with to make young people’s future Tasmania a better place.

    View here
  • Hands creative project

    Make Contact

    2020 was a year of great disruption to many people’s lives, including young Tasmanians. At their first all in-person meeting for the year, Ambassadors worked on a creative project about topics important to them and about the things that connect us.

    View here
  • Art Installation

    CCYP Ambassador Umbrellas

    An art installation of umbrellas created by our talented CCYP Ambassadors that brought the views of children and young people into the halls of decision making!

    View here
  • Short film

    We Can

    “We Can” is a short film co-designed, filmed and produced by members of the 2018 Children and Young People Consultative Council. It highlights how children and young people’s unique experiences, knowledge and perspectives can inform decision makers.