A Place at the Table

In 2022, the Commissioner heard from young people in care that the way they talked with their caseworkers had changed.

They told the Commissioner that they did not know about this change before it happened and that it was not OK.

After listening to children and young people in care and others, the Commissioner wrote a report that told the Government about what happened and what it should do to fix things.

The Commissioner has written a short report especially for children and young people in care. Scroll down to view or download the short report.

Some of the things the Commissioner heard about might make you feel a bit uncomfortable if you read it.

If you are worried about things, please talk to someone you know and trust.  You might also like to talk to someone on the list below:

Kids HELPLINE: 1800 55 1800

Tell someone website: tellsomeone.tas.gov.au

Child Advocate: child.advocate@communities.tas.gov.au or phone 0419 970 181 or 1800 549 725

The Commissioner has recorded a short video for children and young people in care. In this video, the Commissioner talks about her report and what the Government should do to make things better for children and young people in care.