Media Releases - 15 June 2023

Children and young people’s insights on education

Commissioner for Children and Young People Leanne McLean will launch Tasmanian children and young people’s unique insights on the education system at the Launceston Library at 12 noon, Wednesday, June 14.

Ms McLean said the insights are being communicated through a series of videos featuring animated illustrations.

“I have been working with children and young people through the CCYP Ambassador Program to explore their views on school and learning,” Ms McLean said.

“The Ambassadors worked with my office to co-design a Statewide meeting with key decision-makers, including members of the Tasmanian Parliament and education sector leaders in December.

Importantly, CCYP Ambassadors expressed views based on their experiences in public education, catholic education and independent school education.

“The Ambassadors’ views on education were also captured by an illustrator during the event and have now been developed into three short videos.

“The Ambassadors contributions are insightful, informed, and impassioned.

“They invite us to think about education from the child’s or young person’s perspective, and to consider their views when making decisions that impact their lives.”

Ms McLean said there were several messages from Ambassadors which stood out, including that:

  1. students of the present need to have a say in decisions that affect them
  2. schools should be a place of knowledge and acceptance, not places of success or failure
  3. behavior management approaches feel like punishment and are counterintuitive
  4. the curriculum needs to link with the real world
  5. students need flexible learning options because they learn differently and at different paces.

“A key message from the Ambassadors is that they have plenty more to say on what young Tasmanians need from a contemporary education system.

“I believe these videos will be especially useful to policymakers and educators in their ongoing work to develop an education system that meets the needs of Tasmanian children and young people.”

The Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Ambassador Program is made up of over 80 Tasmanian children and young people from across the state ranging from 10 to 17 years of age.

You can view the education animation videos here.