The Commissioner is committed to promoting and protecting the rights, wellbeing and safety of the children and young people. To that end, several policies have been developed to guide the Commissioner’s interactions with children and young people.

These and other policies are currently under review and will be updated here soon.

The Commissioner for Children and Young People is committed to ensuring administrative information about the Commissioner’s performance of her role is available to the public.

The Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) gives the public, the media and members of Parliament the right to access information the Commissioner holds, unless the information is exempt from release.

Under section 6 of the RTI Act the Commissioner is exempt from providing any requested information unless it relates to the Commissioner’s administration.

For more information about Right to Information, and how it applies to the Commissioner for Children and Young People, or if you are having difficulty locating information on the Commissioner’s website,  please contact the Commissioner by emailing childcomm@childcomm.tas.gov.au or calling (03) 6166 1366.

Please see the Commissioner for Children and Young People’s Personal Information Protection Statement here.

Please contact the office of the Commissioner for Children and Young People if you have any questions.