The Commissioner for Children and Young People is Leanne McLean. She upholds, protects and promotes the rights and wellbeing of children and young people under the age of 18 in Tasmania.

The Commissioner is supported by a small team of staff. The Commissioner’s workplace is based on collaboration, mutual respect and recognition of the unique skills and expertise that each team member brings to the work of the Commissioner.

Leanne McLean was appointed Tasmania’s Commissioner for Children and Young People in November 2018. 

Leanne has a wealth of experience as a leader in social policy development. This has included developing, delivering and communicating policies which affect children and young people, and which empower them to shape their own future.  

As Commissioner, Leanne’s work to date includes instigating the Tasmanian Government’s Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy, establishing mechanisms for children and young people to have a say in matters that affect them, working with young Tasmanians across the state to influence the development, implementation and communication of policies which impact their lives, and empowering them to determine their future. 

Leanne is passionate about providing a voice for children and young people. She believes strongly in the transformative powers of education and early intervention, and in the power of every young person to help shape the future of Tasmania. 

Leanne is Tasmanian, having grown up in the deep south of the state. She has a deep love for the island, its communities and their future.