Youth Justice

The Commissioner’s work in the youth justice area includes:

  • the promotion of therapeutic early intervention, prevention and diversion programs for children and young people (and their families) to prevent them ever coming into contact with the justice system
  • reforms to the youth justice system to ensure that the rights of all children and young people who come into contact with the system are upheld and their wellbeing is promoted
  • advocating for non-criminalising responses to children’s harmful behaviours, including advocating for an increase to the minimum age of criminal responsibility
  • advocating for the rights and wellbeing of individual children and young people who are detained under the Youth Justice Act 1997.

To find out about more of the Commissioner’s work in the area of Youth Justice, please refer to the Commissioner’s annual reports and other publications, which can be found on the Publications page, and her media statements, which can be found under the News page of this website.