Media Releases - 20 September 2019

Climate Strike

Commissioner for Children and Young People Leanne McLean said today children and young people around Tasmania will again strike from school to have their concerns heard about climate change.

“The passion and concern being demonstrated by children and young people around Tasmania today, is consistent with the clear message young people have highlighted to me as I have travelled around the state meeting with them,” Ms McLean said.

“Young people care deeply about the environment they live in and are genuinely worried about the impacts of climate change on their future.

“Those striking today are sending a powerful message that combatting climate change is one of their top priorities.”

“They want to be engaged in the decisions that affect them both now and, in the future, as is their right.”

Ms McLean said she hoped Tasmania’s decision makers, at all levels, including our politicians take the opportunity today to stop and really listen to the views of some of our youngest citizens in their calls for action on climate change.