Media Releases - 24 May 2019

Extra Funding Welcome

The Commissioner for Children and Young People, Leanne McLean, today welcomed the Tasmanian Government allocation of extra funding to support her work communicating with and promoting the views of children and young people.

“The extra funding we have received will have a major impact on the way we communicate with our stakeholders,” Ms McLean said.

“The extra $112,000 annually will enable us to capture the views and opinions of children and young people. It will also better enable the expression of those views and opinions and help to empower children and young people to influence decisions being made about their future.”

Ms McLean said from an overall perspective, the Government’s commitment for an additional $2.3 million to fund the Strong Families, Safe Kids – Child Safety Service Redesign was critical, and a step in the right direction. “We are now at a critical stage in the reform process, where additional funding is required to continue to implement changes in the child safety system.”