Media Releases - 1 July 2019

Support for Children And Young People Impacted by Family And Sexual Violence Welcomed

The Commissioner for Children and Young People Leanne McLean today welcomed the State Government’s release of Safe Homes, Families Communities: Tasmania’s Action Plan for Family and Sexual Violence 2019-2022.

“I welcome a focus on actions to support children and young people who are affected by family and sexual violence,” Ms McLean said.

“This includes an increase in early intervention activities, counselling and support for children and young people impacted by family violence, as well as new programs to address problem sexual behaviour and sexually abusive behaviour amongst young people.

“Children are often the silent victims of family violence, and do not need to directly witness family violence in order to be affected.”

“Family violence can affect social, psychological, behavioural and emotional development, and overall wellbeing, including children’s ability to learn and thrive.”

“Trauma caused through family violence, is significant, and has long lasting, intergenerational impacts.”

Ms McLean said alarmingly children are present in round 50% of family violence incidents reported to Tasmania Police.

“And it is well-known that many incidents go un-reported.

“We must work together to do all we can to support children who are affected, and to prevent the violence beginning in the first place.

“It’s excellent to see the Government adding to existing efforts and to see funding being increased.”

Leanne McLean
Commissioner for Children and Young People