Media Releases - 8 November 2022

Tasmanian Parliament Apology

The Commissioner for Children and Young People Leanne McLean today acknowledged the Tasmanian Parliament’s formal apology to victim-survivors of institutional child sexual abuse.

“This is an important day for Tasmania. A day for the Government to acknowledge the trauma that victim survivors experienced as children in our state institutions. What happened to them should never have happened.” Ms McLean said.

“Today, more than ever, my thoughts are with the victim-survivors whose stories we know through the important work of the Commission of Inquiry, and those victim-survivors whose stories we do not yet know”.

Ms McLean said that abuse of a child in a state institution is a gross betrayal of their trust, the trust of their family and the entire community.

“As Tasmanians, we expect that children and young people are safe and protected within our institutions. It is never the fault of a child that they are abused.

“The responsibility to protect children lies with those who are entrusted with their protection.

“Today’s formal apology by the Tasmanian Parliament is an acknowledgment of this, and the past failure of the Tasmanian Government to do this.”

Ms McLean stated that she hoped that today’s formal apology is meaningful for victim-survivors and their families and a step towards a future where every Tasmanian child grows up safe and well.