Working together to make children and young people safer in Tasmania

Thanks for wanting to learn more 👏

The Tasmanian Government is making a plan to keep children and young people safer in Tasmania in government institutions and in the wider community. 

The government’s plan is about making sure recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry into the Government’s Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Institutional Settings happen. 

The government wants to know what children and young people think should be included in the plan. It’s part of our job to make sure your views and ideas are taken seriously. 

Together with a member of my team, Sam Tucker, I want to work together with you to make sure the government knows what you think and includes your ideas about making children and young people safer. 

In the short video below, I explain a bit more about the project. Below that, there’s a quick form you can complete if you are interested to learn more. Even further down the page, there are downloads, FAQs and contact details.

Thanks for taking time to think about this invitation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Leanne McLean

Leanne McLean
Commissioner for Children and Young People

Sam Tucker

Sam Tucker
Project Lead

A video message from Leanne 👋

Express your interest ✋

Please note, expressions of interest to be involved in this project have now closed.

Who is this project is for? 

If you’re a young person aged between 12 and 17 years, we’d like to hear from you! Choosing to take part in this project is optional.  

What’s involved? 

We will work together to share your views and ideas with the government. This could include things like talking to us individually, in groups, or taking part in creative activities. 

The project will likely involve 5 hours work, spread over a period of around 6 weeks. This said, the Commissioner always works flexibly with children and young people, so if participants are able or would like to spend more or less time on the project, that’s okay!

Will there be support during the project?

We are working with experts to design this project.  

Support is available during the project for everyone at no cost.   

What are the benefits of being involved in the project?

  • You will have a say about how the government changes things to make Tasmanian children and young people safer.  
  • You will receive a certificate from the Commissioner for Children and Young People recognising your contribution. 
  • You will receive a $100 gift voucher at the beginning and end of the project as a thank you for participating.  

What at the risks involved in the project? 

Thinking and talking about the changes that are needed to make children and young people safer can be tricky.  

We won’t ask about any personal experiences, or the personal experiences of anyone else. It is up to you what and much you share. 

If you decide that participating in the project is not for you, you can leave the project at any time.  

While any child or young person who leaves the project early will not receive a completion certificate, they will receive both $100 gift vouchers. Deciding not to continue participating in the project will not otherwise affect your relationship with us.   

Here’s how you can contact us about this project:

Call: (03) 6166 1366  
Visit: 1/119 Macquarie Street, Hobart , 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday

If you or your parent/carer/guardian have questions or concerns about the project, give Leanne’s office a call on (03) 6166 1366 or send an email to